White – Alabaster Acrylic Sheet

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Ultra High Gloss Acrylic Sheet For Lamination
Sheet Dimensions: 4′ x 8′ x 1mm
Protective Film

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Acrylic Sheets Ultra High Gloss Vertical Surfaces “White Alabaster Acrylic Sheet”

Acrylic Sheets can be laminated in a variety of ways to create the perfect high gloss parts for both commercial and residential applications. Doors and panels Acrylic laminated to MDF or PB is for interior applications only. Substrates can include MDF, HDF, Plywood, composite boards (PB) and some rigid foam.

Film Width: 4′ x 8′ Sheet

Film Thickness 0.8 mm

Roll-Put Up 1 Sheet

Matching Edge banding

Hand Lamination
Water based EVA, liquid PUR’S and water based contact adhesives are suitable. Apply with a roller or notched trowel to achieve even spread of adhesive. Automated Lamination – PUR reactive hotmelt, water based EVA and 2 part epoxy systems are suitable. Using an even and light to moderate adhesive build will achieve the optimum visual appearance. Pressing – Ensure Acrylic Sheets and substrate are clean and free of dirt and debris before lamination. Light to moderate cold press only.

Hot pressing Acrylic Sheets may induce excessive bow in the finished panel. Block stack for 24 hours after pressing. Edge banding – Use ABS or Acrylic edge banding only secured with EVA or PUR hot melt adhesives. Refer to edge band page for more information. Curved Panels – Acrylic Sheets laminated panels can be formed into curves by curving the rear of the substrate, or curve the substrate first and then bond the Acrylic Sheets to the substrate using water based contact adhesive.

Free Samples Available per request, shipping cost separate


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