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Slat Wood Panels

Three-dimensional processing for a more modern design that gives the panel a new shape.

Slatpanel consists of a 19mm(3/4’) RAW MDF on which are mounted 1.06” x 0.43” strips with real wood veneer. The strips are spaced
0.52” apart.

Panel measure is 24” x 96” (2’x 8’) these panels will join next to each seamlessly.
Properties of real wood veneer:
Natural wood veneer can vary in color, grain structure and appearance from strip to strip and panel to panel.

Care and maintenance:
We recommend adding a protective finish to the panels if possible. Something like wood oil is perfect as it protects and keeps the natural look and feel of the wood. Once this is applied, light dusting or hovering will prevent any dust build-up. If you choose to keep the panels without a finish, then a dry cloth can wipe the panels down.

How to cut Slatpanel:
For width & length we recommend a sharp saw to cut through the slats and mdf.