LL-Leguan Bianco


HIGH END DECORATIVE SHEETS Leather Line | LL Leguan Bianco

Our unique synthetic leather surfaces stand out from the pack.

LEATHER-LINE products come in numerous designs, surfaces and the very latest colors, and are all in PVC-free quality. The range incorporates classic, smooth leather versions, reptile looks, furs, decorative seams and leather surfaces in shimmering metallic colors.

Product characteristics

Product characteristics NA SA
Item number 15609 15610
Format 2600x1000x1,4 mm 2600x1000x1,53 mm
Base material HIPS
Surface material PU-leather
Material thickness 1,4 mm 1,53 mm
Temperature stability up to 60 °C up to 60 °C
Wet room suitability ●●●●
Rolled packable


Extra equipment NA SA
Format options
max. length
max. width
3.000 mm
1.270 mm
3.000 mm
1.220 mm
further thicknesses possible
Cuttings possible possible
magnetic from 3 sheets
PVA pre-treatment possible
Processing NA SA
Laser cutting
Hot bending
PUR/PVA compressible
Smallest bending radius 150 mm 150 mm

Additional information

Dimensions 2600 × 1000 × 1.4 in


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